Ireland: Sheepdogs & More

Ireland: Sheepdogs & More
Coast of Ireland

Ireland – around the green island

Ireland not only has 40 shades of green, it also has a vast array of old Irish pubs, Guinness beer, Whiskey distilleries, and so much more!  The more includes the Irish working sheepdogs.

Let’s take a trip around Ireland, we’ll start in Dublin.


Dublin offers visitors an opportunity to taste and see how Guinness is made.  Unlike the syrup Guinness that is imported into the US, the Guinness in Ireland is pure, rich and delicious.  Even if you don’t like beer, it’s worth a sip!

While in Dublin, be sure to visit Trinity College and see the Book of Kells.

Dublin Ireland - Trinity College
Trinity College (Contains Book of Kells)

Dublin also offers a variety of whiskey distilleries, the most famous one being Jameson.  The Jameson distillery offers you an opportunity of tours, but most importantly, it offers visitors a swanky place to taste their famous whiskey.

Ireland: Jameson distillary
Jameson Distillery


Moving south from Dublin, is the famous Waterford crystal.  The difference between crystal and glass is the amount of lead that is put into the crystal, which makes it heavy, and less likely to break.  The crystal cuttings and etchings are still done mostly by hand.  Much of their work is now being done outside of Ireland, but you can still purchase many fine items at their factory located right in Waterford.


As you head west, the most visited castle in Ireland awaits you, the Blarney castle.  It is set in green fields, with the woolen mill nearby.  Climb carefully up the round narrow staircase approximately four stories high to arrive at the top of the castle where you can kiss the Blarney stone, full of lipstick, saliva and well, bring your mouthwash!

Ireland - Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle

Ring of Kerry and Skellig Drive

After you’re done with the castle, head further west to Killarney, for the Ring of Kerry.  The Ring of Kerry is a highlight of Ireland along with the Skellig drive where you can see the two islands, one of which was made famous by Star Wars.  All tour buses circle the ring counter-clockwise.  So, if you are driving, you’ll want to drive around the ring clockwise.  Reserve a full day for the Ring of Kerry and the Skellig drive.

Cliffs of Moher

Heading due north, driving towards the quaint town of Galway, you’ll want to stop and see the Cliffs of Moher.  These stunning cliffs and rocky coastline are some of the most spectacular scenery you will see in Ireland.

Derry & The Irish Sheepdog

Continue north to Derry and plan to visit the Atlantic Irish Sheepdogs:  Visit them on Facebook at:  

Watch the amazing team of One Man and his Dog at work on their home turf.  Demonstrations are daily, Monday-Saturday.  There’s nothing like seeing the Sheepdogs at work, truly something you won’t want to miss!

Giant Causeway

As you leave the Irish Sheepdogs and head north, plan a visit to see the Giant Causeway where volcanic activity created hexagonal forms along the coastline.  There’s a tram that takes visitors down to see the causeway; otherwise, it’s a good (about 1 mile) hike down (with a steep grade) to see them.  The tram runs every 15 minutes or so.

Belfast and the Titanic (Museum)

Once you’re done seeing the Giant Causeway, head to Belfast, where they built the Titanic and plan a day’s visit in the amazing museum that discusses everything and anything about the Titanic.  A treat awaits you at the fourth floor of the museum!

This is a brief overview of some of the highlights of Ireland.  I hope it’s enticed you to visit Ireland!!

I will leave you with a little Irish Philosophy:

Irish saying

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