Does It Really Take Money to Make Money?

Does It Really Take Money to Make Money?

Do we really need money to make money?  Can we make money if we don’t have a lot?   And what if we’re just starting out, how do we get money in the first place?

We are going to explore the ways we can make money, the concepts behind money and how we can get it so we can make more.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

An adage we’ve all heard and know well.  Wish it did, right?

Money brings us conveniences in life.  We can buy a dishwasher to wash the dishes, an electric lawn mower to mow the lawn, and upgrades, like flying business class or first class.  But where do we get this money to buy these conveniences?  Certainly there’s gotta be an answer and easy way.


Well, one of the more obvious ways we make money is from our jobs.  We go to work, we get paid.  But, how do we make more money in our jobs?  There are several ways we can be making more money in our jobs, but exactly where and how do we do that?

Where?  Right where we are.  We look to give value to our companies, our bosses, the places we work.  We don’t have to go far.  The more our companies make money, the more they will have to give to us.  Well, at least we hope they do!

If we’re focused on making more money, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to help others who in turn can help us.  It’s important that we document what we are doing so we can show our bosses what we have done and the results of our work.  It’s important we can show our bosses how we monetized, or brought more money into the company, so we can be rewarded for our hard work.  Ultimately, we hope we will get a raise and more bonuses.

The thing to remember is that our bosses don’t know what we are doing unless we tell them.  Saying it isn’t enough.  We need concrete, hard evidence, to show them what we did.  The evidence needs to speak for itself.

For example, if we learned a new way to “pitch” to clients and it resulted in 3 new clients, and $1,000 more dollars, then we need to document this.  Write it down someplace in a notepad, iPad, iPhone, whatever, write it down.  Then, let our boss know that we would like to sit down with them to discuss something we found.  Hey boss, I just got 3 new clients!  And it resulted in $1,000 more to our company!  Boss says, great!

Now, it’s not a good time for us to be asking for a bonus or raise right away.  Certainly, the fastest way to get on our bosses bad side is to ask for a raise or bonus every time we bring in more money.  Nope.  Bad move!

On average, we should be looking for a raise after a year’s worth of good progress.   If our boss is attentive to what we have been sharing with them, and they realize our worth and value to the company, then we won’t even have to ask for a raise, they will just give us a raise, and hopefully, a bonus too!

Remember, we bring value to our bosses, we bring our service, our knowledge, and our skills; besides, that’s why they hired us in the first place!  We are worth something to our bosses and we need to keep them informed of our work, our progress, our accomplishments.  This is not the time for us to be shy.  There’s a time and place for that, but not here.

Inherited/Gifted Money

Money is inherited; it comes from family members after they die.  And money is gifted;  it comes from family members while they are alive.

This is money we can use to make more money.  We can use it for a down payment on a home, to buy our first car, and of course, to save and invest, so it can bring us more.

It’s imperative that we put money aside for a rainy day.  It’s easy for us to spend money.  It goes quickly.  But, if we can put 10% away as soon as we get it, into a savings account, money market account, etc., then we won’t spend it.  Tithing is important too, which is giving 10% back to God.

Money inherited is money found.  Money gifted is money found.  We need to be wise with it.  Let’s see how we can be wise with it so it can make us more.

Saving Money

The more money we make, the more we should be saving.

On average, we should be putting away at least 10% of the gross monies we receive.  Put it away in a separate bank account, savings account, money market account or someplace else.  Money market accounts are through a brokerage account.  Typically a money market account will earn more interest than a savings account.  A savings account and money market account are conservative investments, meaning, there’s not much risk in losing money.  This is good.  We don’t want to lose our hard earned money.

Let’s look at an example of how our money saved will make us more over course of years.

For example: 

If we put $100/week in a savings account, that is $5,200/year that we have saved.

If we start at the age of 18, by the time we are 60 (42 years), assuming we have not touched that money, we would have saved $218,400 ($5,200 x 42 years = $218,400).   And that’s without interest!!

Let’s add in the interest and watch how our money grows.

If we earn 1.0% interest on our $218,000, using simple interest, we would have a total of $220,180 after 42 years; that’s an increase of $2,180.  Doesn’t seem like much.  But, most banks and money market accounts don’t use simple interest, they use compounded interest.

Let’s use compounded interest and see what happens.

Using the same 1.0% interest rate, but this time compounding it, our $218,000 becomes a whopping $331,096.20; that’s an increase of $113,096.20!

Now, let’s imagine if we were able to put a little more money away, $200/week in a savings account, that is $10,400/year that we have saved.

After 42 years, without interest, we would have saved a total of $436,800!

Add in the compounded interest at 1.0%, after 42 years, and our $436,800 will have grown to $663,407.43, an increase of $226,607.43.   And this is using a conservative 1.0% interest rate.

Our money saved is making us more!  We didn’t do anything except save it, put it in an interest bearing account and let it work for us while we slept.   We’re all for that!!

So, this is one way we can get richer, by saving.

Money is a Necessity

We need money for food, clothing and a covering over our heads.  We want money for a new car, a bigger house, larger bank account, and more.

How we use money is just as important as how we save it.   It’s amazing how we can spend it on our wants and not put any of it away.  We can, we just choose not to.

Good habits create wealth.   There is an Order to Money:  (1) Pay the needs first (2) Save it and (3) Use it for wants.  If we follow that order, then we should be creating wealth.

Our eyes are never full.  The more we have, the more we want.  And because we want more, we will have a tendency to spend it on our wants and not on our needs and not on putting it away.

So, it’s vital that we develop strong good habits towards money.  Learn the “Order to Money”.  Create that good habit.  Old and bad habits are hard to break, but if we want wealth, then there’s a good chance, an old habit will need to die.

No money in wallet

The Secret to Money

Money should be a byproduct of what we do, not a means.  We should work and do what we love, and the dollars will follow.

If we start working for money, and chase after it, just for money’s sake, then eventually it will rule us, and we’ll do anything and everything for it.  We might even sell our soul for it.

Love what we do

Seek out a profession, a job, an interest, or a hobby.  The more time we spend getting good at it, the more money it should bring us.

Perfecting skills takes time, so we can’t expect to make as much money as someone who has more experience than us.  Surely, our time will come, but it does take time.  And, anyone who tells us differently simply is not being honest with us.

While we are perfecting our skills, we can learn from others.  Watch our competitors.  Find out where they are going, what they are doing, when they work, when they don’t work and why?

We can figure out what makes them successful and follow success and do it better.  Our doors will open, and opportunities will arise.

And most importantly, don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it.

Because, YOU CAN!

If they can do it, so can you, and do it better!

But, as I started with an adage, I’ll end with one:

Money doesn’t make us happy.

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