How to Make an Interactive Quiz for Real Estate

How to Make an Interactive Quiz for Real Estate

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How to Make an Interactive Real Estate Quiz

Let’s face it, we all want to know more about ourselves and our personalities.  Are we an introvert or extrovert?  What kind of house should we live in?  What kind of real estate should we buy? How do we get more buyers and sellers?  How can we bring more traffic to my real estate website and attract more buyers and sellers?

Did you know that you can create an interactive quiz just for your real estate website and social media?

I never knew this, until I came across The Quiz Collective, Inc.  This company makes quizzes, and it makes quizzes easy and fun.  Once your quiz has been created, you can easily easy add it to your real estate website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more.

So, I decided to give it a go!

How to make an Interactive Quiz.

Real Estate Quiz

My brainstorming thoughts and process

How did you come up with your quiz topic?

As you may know, I am a residential real estate broker and work with the #1 luxury real estate company in North Carolina, Intracoastal Realty: a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World & Luxury Portfolio International.  So, I decided to create a real estate quiz that focused on you and what kind of home you should live in.

Real Estate Topics

How did you map out your questions and results?

I mapped out my questions based on the types of questions that were offered in the template and then I revised them according to what results I was after.  It was easy to create the questions because the template questions were excellent.  There were a lot of different questions and options from which to choose.  Also, there were many quiz templates.  The variety of quizzes will keep me coming back to make more and more real estate quizzes.

Real Estate Quiz

What problem were you trying to solve or what goal did you hope to reach with your real estate quiz?

I was not trying to solve any one problem.  My goal was to have fun with this quiz and to have my social media connections try it out and find out what type of home they should live in.  It’s fun and interactive and provides great personal insight for those seeking to buy a home, or for those just curious about themselves to see what the type of home they should live in.

There are several different types of quizzes. The article below covers creating three types of interactive quizzes. Check it out:

Choosing a Template (specific to category)

If you used a template, how did you tailor it to your business and why did you decide to use a template rather than create a quiz from scratch?

Not having ever created a quiz, I decided to use a template.  There are several different templates from which to choose.  And, there are several different categories of templates as well.  I was very happy that I chose a template for my first real estate quiz.  As I become more accustomed to creating quizzes, I will eventually attempt to create a quiz from scratch.

Real Estate Quiz Topic

What were the benefits of using a template?

The benefits of using a template were the ease, speed and self-propagated questions and answers that made it easy to create my first real estate quiz.  Having never used the software or creating a quiz, I found the templates to be very helpful.  I don’t believe I could have done a better job than the templates themselves.  They were fabulous!  I enjoyed creating my first real estate quiz.  You can make one too: How to make an Interactive Quiz.

Real Estate Quiz

How did you come up with your questions and answers?

The questions were geared towards people who owned homes or were about to purchase a home.  Since I am focusing my residential real estate business, I decided to focus on luxury home owners and buyers. 

As for the answers, well, the answers were provided in the template and perfectly suited my needs.  There was no need to make any changes to the supplied template answers.

Real Estate Quiz
Real Estate Quiz
Real Estate Quiz
Real Estate Quiz
Real Estate Quiz

Why did you choose the quiz style you choose?

I chose the quiz style because of its relevance to the real estate industry, the photos, the types of questions being asked and loved the color scheme and overall feel.

The Quiz Results

How did you come up with your results?

The template was populated with results.  I liked the results and so I decided to just keep them and not make any changes.

Where were you hoping to lead your audience from your result?

I did not have any premeditated hope nor was I targeting for any results.  I wanted to learn: How to make an Interactive Quiz.  I was not seeking any results while creating my first real estate quiz.

Did you use autoredirect or Call to Action and why?

I used autoredirect because it seemed easier at this juncture in my creating my quiz.  I also did not have any predetermined Call to Action idea, therefore, I opted for the autoredirect.

Email Integration & Mapping with the Quiz

What email marketing system did you use?

I used MailChimp.

How did you segment your lists?

I need to learn more about how to segment my lists.  Right now, they are not segmented.  I think this will be a great attribute. Soon I will return to MailChimp to edit my lists.  Segmenting my lists will vastly improve my ability to target market my buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Quiz

Website Implementation

Where on your website did you place your quiz?

I have not yet placed my real estate quiz on my website.  It’s coming! However, I did download and install the Interact plugin for the Interactive Quiz.

How did you decide to promote your quiz?

I decided to promote my quiz and How to make an Interactive Quiz on my social media networks – Facebook and LinkedIn.  I hope to create more quizzes and more fun for my buyers and sellers and prospective customers.

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